Wont start on 1995 Toyota Camry

engine quit while driving. wont start, checked fuel delivery pressure, fuel in rail and definately getting to cylinders. Ignition good, replaced coil and distributor cap. Pick up coil resistance and air gap good. Timing belt good and camshaft gear and crankshaft line up #1 cylinder top dead center and valves clearance correct and line up with each cylinder at the correct time. No codes in ECM (check engine light just blinks every half second). Although there is a spark I dont know if it is strong enough, its not blue spark, more yellow. Plugs are platinum and only 6 months old. Engine does not fire, just turns, acts like no spark or fuel but I have both. Any ideas would be appreciated. All basic troubleshooting completed.

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Hey I've had similar issues before, these are tough to figure out. What did you find was the problem?