wont start on 1992 Ford Thunderbird

my car overheated and now it will not start could it be the timing? or what other cause could it be?

If it was overheated bad enough, engine damage could have been bad enough to keep the engine from starting. It will need to be checked out to see the extent of the damage.
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SAME CAR, SAME PROBLEM. Why would you think it was the timing? It could be the starter overheated. If you found the solution, please post.

I don't know if running hot could affect the timing, but you could have blown the head gasket and or warped the head this could cause compression loss in the cylinders. Did it smoke any when it ran hot? If so that could have been steam from burning water. Check the oil. If it's milky then you definitly have a head gasket problem. These are possibly the most severe outcomes. hope this helps