wont start on 1996 Mercury Villager

we stop the car and now it wont turn over and it has power going to the engine, tried to jump it and it still wouldnt start

by in Grand Blanc, MI on November 23, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 23, 2010
starer does not make a noise or dont spin engine need more imformation
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if i put fuel straight into the air intake it starts but it wont start on its own, the fuel pump is pumping.
it sputtered one day then next day it wouldn't start here is what i have done so far took out gas tank to check and clean tank and pump ckd ok changed fuel filter,cleaned gas lines i have fuel goi...
My van worked fine yesterday this morning i went to start it it started then died. Now it wont...
I changed spark plugs wires distributor cap rotor butten knock sensor. then had no fire comeing from the plugs changed distributor got fire still no start
Distributor was replaced 1 year ago, and fuel pump replaced 3 years ago. I tried a fuel injector cleaner with the gas I added but nothing.

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