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1998 Ford Windstar Question: Won't start

Sometimes will start sometimes it won't. Doesn't matter whether engine is hot or cold. No codes on diagnosis. Engine turns over. Replaced fuel pump and filter. Plugs and wires ok gets spark. Air filter ok. Will run one day, next day won't; will start to go run errand, won't start to get home. -
Answer 1
this is a car owners and mechanics nightmare! I have had this happen many times in my career. This is where the owner needs to have good ear and maybe an eye too. The first thing you need to listen when you get in the car and have the window down, turn the the key to run not start make sure you hear that fuel pump do its few second prime then crank the engine if does not start youneed help of a second person to see if you have spark at the plug wire ..I see that you said there was spark good luck try this I'll do some more research -
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Thanks, turned out was a burned/loose? cable at the fuse box. -
Answer 2
There may be a PCM power relay or fuel pump relay in question. -
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Thanks, turned out was a burned/loose? cable at the fuse box. -
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