wont start on 2005 Saturn L300

got in an accident on the front end , went to the dealers and fixed now the car wont start they say cant help because its pre exsiting but this never as happened before

by in Eustis, FL on May 02, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 10, 2010
Try replacing your crank position sensor
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this is the 3rd one in about a 1 1/2 yrs. the most recent one was done 6/13/2015. she drove fine all weekend with no starting issues. got home today and now she wont start. she sputters and coughs ...
...stop at times but will start right back up again, also after driving if I shut the car off it wont start back up have to let it sit for a while sometimes a long while before it will start again HELP
3rd fuel pump replacement in less then 2 yrs just had last one replaced weekend of 6/12/15 ran fin all weekend got home today 6/15/2015 and now it wont start. sputters and coughs like she wants to...
car wont allow gas to get to the engine. I was told it could be the ignition control module...would this cut off the gas supply?? Or is it more likely a fuel pump/filter problem
driving the car and sometime it cuts off. now car wont start but it cranks.

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