wont start on 2007 Ford Explorer

turn ignitition key does not turn over. Get clicking sound only.

by in Corsicana, TX on July 01, 2010
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ANSWER by on July 01, 2010
Best to either start with a fresh battery or have your battery load tested at your local parts store, Because until you know for sure the battery is good trouble shooting is impossible
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COMMENT by on August 07, 2010
If you disconnected your battery or installed a new battery there is a reset button under the steering column. It is the red button hanging there. Press it and turn key to on for a few minutes,then it should start.
ANSWER by on August 07, 2010
If you disconnected or changed the battery recently you have to press a reset button. It is located under the steering column. It is the red button, I think you have to turn the key to the on position then press the button, wait a few minutes and then it should start.
COMMENT by on July 11, 2011
is this button connected the column inside the car? or just hanging somewhere? Thanks,Carl
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