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1996 Chevrolet S10 Question: Won't start

My truck died last week and will crank but will not turn over. I have replaced the crankshaft position sensor today and it still will not start. I have been through 3 mechanics. Is there anything else I should check before putting out more money on more mechanics? -
Answer 1
It sounds like you aren't chossing very good mechanics, in that if some one charges you for diagnostic time and it doesn;t fix your truck, they are on the hook until it is fixed, or they give you your money back. Before you have another mecahanic look at your truck, get this concept 'straight' up front. When I charge someone to fix their problem, and I diagnose it, it is either fixed or they get their mony back. Any shop that won't operate this way is not professional and I would avoid them. if your friends don't REALLY know OBD-II diagnostic procedures, they are NOT doing you any favors. Your car has an OBD-II system. Finding a good shop is very hard. Talk to your friends. Avoid chains ( they have sales quotas). See who is busy and isn't cheap, they are most likely pretty good. When I had my own shop, I did not advertise and I was backed up 3-4 weeks during slow times. During the summer I took no new customers, there are good shops out there. -
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Yes, I know. This is also what happens when you let friends work on your vehicle. The mechanic that came out today replaced my crankshaft position sensor and was unable to diagnose what was wrong with it. The other 2 were friends who happened to work as mechanics that I thought were being helpful. And I am trying to self diagnose before I tow it to a garage, if possible. The auto repair shops in my area overcharge and are shady. I had brake pads and rotors put on 2 months ago and ended up having to take it back only to find out I needed my front brake lines replaced. -
Answer 2
I have had several 4.3 V-6's and 3 times they died and would not start all had different issues. 1) first one turned out to be a bad pick-up sensor in the distributor 2) second one was a bad fue pump 3) this one was a bad distributor rotor, had a crack that was shooting the spark down the center You can rent a fuel pump tester from Auto Zone at no cost. Good luck -
Answer 3
yes sir, your timing belt is gone... actually that's why your engine died... -
Comment 1
FYI, a 4.3 liter V6 GM engine has a timing Chain not a Timing Belt. -
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