wont start on 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

car will not start unless i jump it across the starter solenoid but it quits immediately?

by in Crandon, WI on June 03, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 03, 2010
Your car has a starting ignition,fed from the starter solenoid,while cranking to start the engine, with the key.The ignition switch should supply the ignition with 12 or less volts,to run on,after the engine is started.If you have the ign.switch turned on to run position,while you jump start across the solenoid terminals,the motor should continue to run,if not there is an open circuit on the running ignition.Either from the ignition switch, or from the module to the coil pack!Sometimes you can have one terminal, on one coil, not fire, while the others will,causing a miss,and a new coil will not fix this.This may be due to a faulty module,located under the exhaust manifold bolted to the Engine block.You can have a parts jobber test your module possibly for this starting and running problem.I cant tell how to check the voltage from the ignition switch to the module.You will need a wiring diagram,to find the feed wire,and then you may need to unplug the module wiring at the module, before checking the voltage from the ign.switch.A multimeter is best for this,not a test light,since the computer electronics is delicate.
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