won't start on 2001 Honda Civic

My car won't start. When I turn the key I hear a clicking sound. It will start when jumped, though. Could it be a fuse? Or starter?

by in Jamestown, NC on July 23, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 23, 2009
If it starts when you jump start the car using another vehicle it is unlikely to be the starter, ignition switch or fuses. The problem is that your car's battery does not store enough reserve energy to allow the starter to operate. Your battery is no longer serviceable. The battery is not being charged by the alternator or something is drawing an electrical load from the battery and draining your battery overnight. Have the battery charged and tested ,replace if required. If the battery is OK the alternator and charging system may need to be tested to see if the alternator is functioning correctly.
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