wont start on 1990 Ford Ranger

the starter will not engage with the key, jump the starter but no fuel to engine, add fuel directly to engine and it will run til that little bit of fuel burns out. I think maybe the cam or crank sensor. Any help appreciated. Wires and battery are good , so is the cutoff switch.

by in Putnam Valley, NY on June 05, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 05, 2010
I don't think the cam and crank sensors will not prevent the starter from operating, so I wouldn't replace those just yet. I would get a wiring diagram and fault trace the starter circuit, it's possible you have a bad ignition switch or something like that.
ANSWER by on September 28, 2010
sylanoid on the firewall is probly bad and the fuel pump
ANSWER by on December 03, 2010
There's a ground wire for the brain box, or computer. It's located on the main wiring harness near the battery. This needs to be hooked up directly to the negative terminal on the battery. I had this exact problem, and that ground wire was the problem.
ANSWER by on February 06, 2011
Look on your neg battery cable, there will be an extra wire that comes off the terminal end. It should have a plug on it. Look around close by and you should see the other plug end .... plug them together, and you should start up!
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