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1996 Volkswagen Cabrio Question: wont start

ok so the car was working perfect untill it rained. the car has a cone air filter and water got into my intake. so i pulled the plugs out to get the water out. after this ran perfect for about a week then started reving up by itself. so i would just give a little gas and it would go away. then one day it just died on me... i have spark and fuel pump is working. not sure if throttle body or air flow sensor might have gone out. any ideas what it might be...? -
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Need to check for codes in your computer to see if a sensor is out. That is where I would start. -
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ok thanks. -
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Have Had the same problem. The car seems to be flooded when it happens. My Mechanic replaced the Distrubtor cap and changed the spark plugs. I still steer clear of puddles, but the car doesn't die when it goes through them anymore. Write me if I can help any. David R. in Arkadelphia facebook/drunyan. -
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