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2004 Ford Explorer Question: wont start

iwent out to crank my 2004 ford explorer and it turned over slow and so i jumped it off.later on that same day it wouldnt start.i replaced the battery,turn the key to start the truck,dash lights comes on but nothing.replaced the started and still nothing.turned the truck on, got under the truck,crossed it over from the starter and now it turns over but will not start. -
Answer 1
Is your "THEFT" light blinking at all in the dash? Or does it come on when you turn the key on, then shut off in a few seconds? You could have an anti-theft system issue. -
Comment 1
it blinks before i turn the key and then once i turn the key, it stop blinking but the light stays on.when i turn the key i get nothing but the dash lights up.i had a 2000 explorer and when it didnt recognized the key,it would spend over but wouldnt start. -
Comment 2
If it blinks before turning the key, it's a PATS system issue (the anti theft key / transceiver / etc)... Try a different key first...perhaps another known good one. The 2000 and 2004 Explorer have different architecture for the PATS system. In 2000 the starter would engage, and in 2004 it does not. -
Comment 3
thanks for all your help. i was beginning to think the problem was the ignition switch. do you know what the symptons for the bad ignition switch or do you believe that the problem really is the key and needs to be reprogrammed? thanks again. -
Comment 4
Simply put: Put the key in, turn to the on position, do not attempt to crank. In the on position, if the THEFT light flashes, the key is not communicating. Don't look anywhere else. Good luck! -
Comment 5
thanks again. when in the on position, the light dose not flash,it stays a red with no flashes. your help has been great,thanks -
Comment 6
Have you made sure your shifter is fully in park or neutral? Try neutral if you haven't... It doesn't even click when you crank it, right? -
Comment 7
i have tried both park and neutral. no it dosent click -
Comment 8
I would even go as far as to check the wiring and operation of the transmission range sensor. Really, it's tough to do more than you already have without some diagnostic equipment. With diag equipment, you can security access and reprogram the key. You can monitor the TR sensor position. You can check for various component function. I'm sorry to say that you may have to get to that point... -
Comment 9
thanks,im taking it to the dealer.i will let you know what they find.you have been a big help,making sure i didnt miss anything. -
Comment 10
Probably the best idea. Hey, sorry we couldn't make it happen! Definitely fill me in on the findings. Good luck! -
Comment 11
the ford dealer dida diagnostics on the truck. they had to reprogram the computer in the truck as well as the keys to get it cranked. said they weren't exactly sure about what caused the computer to lose the info, but it did the trick. cost about $120 to fix in case anyone else runs into the same problem. thanks again for all your help -
Comment 12
Great news. Glad you have a running truck again. Thanks for visiting us on RepairPal. Come again anytime, and keep your vehicle updated on here with your maintenance and so forth. Great features to use. All the best for the holiday season. -
Comment 13
once again, thanks! have a great hoilday season also. -
Answer 2
I've had the same thing happen with mine they redid the computer and the keys and then after 2 months the same thing happened again 1 key quit working July 3rd and the second on July 26th. So what now? -
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