wont start on 1999 GMC Yukon

my yukon will only crank will not turn over so i replaced the fuel filter and it started right up so i let it run for about 15 min then i shut it off then tried to start it back up it started to just crank again but not turn over so i poured fuel down the throttle and it started back up but then died when i gave it to much gas now im back at square 1 again i dont think its the fuel pump becuase i can here it turn on does anyone know what it could be

by in Oxnard, CA on August 24, 2009
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ANSWER by on August 24, 2009
I would suggest you have a mechanic check the fuel pressure. Even if the fuel pump is running, it doesn't mean your getting the correct pressure or volume.
COMMENT by on August 25, 2009
so if im not getting correct pressure or volume does that mean i need a new fuel pump
COMMENT by on August 25, 2009
Yes you would need a new pump, unless when you got the pump out you saw something else that could cause that same problem. The only thing I could think of would be if the coupler (the small rubber connector hose) that couples the pump to the line was split. Hope this helps. Good Luck
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