2004 Dodge Stratus Q&A

2004 Dodge Stratus Question: won't start

My 2004 dodge stratus will not start. When you turn the key the radio and lights all work but the car won't do anything. The steering wheel will not lock when the key is in the lock position either. What could be causing this? -
Answer 1
Battery - Visually inspect the battery for indications of physical damage and loose or corroded cable connections. Determine the state-of-charge and cranking capacity of the battery. Charge or replace the battery, if required. Ignition Switch - Visually inspect the ignition switch for indications of physical damage and loose or corroded wire harness connections. Transmission Range Sensor or Park/Neutral Switch - Visually inspect the transmission range sensor for indications of physical damage and loose or corroded wire harness connections. Wiring - Visually inspect the wire harness for damage. Repair or replace any faulty wiring, as required. Check for loose or corroded wire harness connections at main engine ground and remote jump post. The steering column used on vehicles equipped with a manual transaxle has an anti-theft provision. With the key/lock cylinder turned to the LOCK position, and the key removed, the steering shaft (and steering wheel) cannot be turned more than 180 degrees from center before locking. Vehicles equipped with an automatic transaxle do not have this feature. -
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