Won't Start on 1999 Ford Taurus

My 1999 Ford Taurus has stopped running, I was not driving the day that it stopped but car was having trouble beforehand I think I got bad gas about two or three weeks before it actually quit. Everytime I accelerated my car would i guess you can call it pouting like it wanted to backfire but never did just the jerking but would stop once speed gained. The day car stopped it had gas in it there was water not overheated to my understanding. Replaced one of the relays that was burnt out(not the starter or fuel pump relay) Car turns over but won't crank when battery charged. Just not sure how much more I want to invest in this car. Was told that fuel pump was turning on but does that mean that it is good condition. Please help me to know where to start.

by in Jackson, MS on July 02, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on July 02, 2010
Was the Check Engine Light/Service Engine Light Soon light on prior to the car failing. Could be so many things could be failed fuel or ignition system or an engine mechanical issue. Unfortunately to many possibilities without being able to experience the problem first hand or doing some basic diagnostic tests it is not possible to give an answer. If the Check Engine Light was on a code will be stored in the computer in your car that will give a clue as to whats wrong but you need a scan tool to retrieve the code.
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