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2005 Nissan Armada Question: won't shift into park

when @ a complete stop, car won't shift into park so that i can turn off & release keys. It only will shift into neutral or drive.My service engine light is also on. Not sure if related. -
Answer 1
The service engine soon light is an emissions problem. I am dealing with that right now myself. In my case - both catalytic converters have to be replaced. I have 2005 Armada 2WD. I have a problem with being able to get my keys out of the SUV, as if it is still in gear. I have to really shove it into park, although it is an automatic. -
Comment 1
having problems with the keys.......you need to spray some wd 40 in the keyhole and it will loosen everything right up.... -
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No lights or codes on comes to indicate any problems. Very frustrating!!!