wont restart on 1991 Buick Riviera

Car has new fuel pump, new ignition module, & new battery. Before module, car would die while driven. After new battery put in, ran for an hour then would not restart. restarts when cools off.

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Hi, try a fully charged battery....start the car....and check the "alternator" to see if
it putting out enough voltage. An alternator puts voltage back in the battery while
you're driving and a "wee bit more", however, a low battery "might" not get enough
juice/voltage to restart the car. So you end up "jumping" it from other cars, or having
the battery "recharged" just to get home! NOTE: a slow-"trickle-charge" over a long
period will be safer-better to helping restore a depleted battery. - callhow
New battery. Sadness.