1996 Hyundai Accent Q&A

1996 Hyundai Accent Question: wont move

Just bought this thing knowing it had problems. When u put the tranny in gear Nothing happens and I mean NOTHING no grinding sounds no movement. I thought it might be a cloggged filter so I changed it to no avail the fluid was not burnt and there was only a small amount of very fine powder like material in the pan. The previous owner said the tranny was slipping a little then it just stop moving altogether. Mech prob or comp? -
Answer 1
If the engine starts and runs the engine is fine it sounds like the transmission has failed. I like Hyundias if well taken care of they can be very reliable but the 1.5 Accent is not very valuable I hope you got it very cheap. -
Comment 1
Got it a trade for an old dirt bike. But what I really meant to ask but ran outta room was do you think the tranny is mech shot or could it be the tranny computer? Thanx -
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