With the Transmission replaced on Sep 2010 is it going to cost me? on 2001 Acura CL

The Dealer replaced my transmission on Sep 2010 but the same problem is happening again. Is this going to cost me?
I would like to know what to expect.

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I don't know for certain - my answer would be to contact the dealer for your warranty information.

However, I can tell you anything installed as a new or remanufactured part at a dealership should be warranted for at least 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Either way, you probalby will be asked to authorize diagnosis, and repairs will be made pending testing and verification of what failed.
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What is the reoccurring problem?
I also own a 2001 CL and had the transmission replaced in 2009... started having the same issues with transmission again and Acura swapped it out again for me no questions asked over a year later.