With the a/c on now,van will try to die when pulling in somewhere on 2002 Nissan Quest

Our van has been running fine all winter,then today my wife pulls in somewhere and it tried to die on her.She turned the a/c off and it smoothed out.The van drove fine the rest of the way home.This happened a few times last summer but quit when the weather started to cool down.Thanks

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The air conditioning compressor has been operating all winter too - when you have your defroster on, and most other positions of your ventilation system. However, something different may be happening now that the weather is improving. Hard to say.

In general, operating the air conditioning system creates a heavier load than otherwise on your engine. This can expose weaknesses in engine performance, as the load increases, weakness becomes more apparent. I would suggest a proper engine performance diagnosis, taking in to account any possible air intake leaks, vacuum leaks, spark plugs and wires condition, and so on.
Thanks.I will check into it.