with 75,000 miles, should I change fuel filter? or when? Approximate cost? on 2006 Chevrolet Malibu

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fuel filter recommend change every 50,000 kil. fuel filter cost about $25.00. 1/2 hour for labour. use secondary field to expand question.
a fuel filter is very small repair, shouldn't cost any more than i have stated. if you pay more than, you are over paying. a fuel pump and sender combo should be at a minimum $250.00. labour to install about $250.00. shop around. find the best deal. clean fuel system every third or forth fill up. this will maximize the life of your fuel system components. recommend ethanol specific fuel treatment. it's the ethanol in the fuel that fouls up fuel line components. also never(if you can help it) let your fuel tank drop to 'e', as this will over strain your fuel pump causing premature failure. hope this all helps.
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Many manufacturers recommended changing the filter at most every 50k. Cost is about $65.00 + tax. We recommended to change it more often at 30k for 2 reasons. 1st Fuel today is not as pure as it was years ago and filters restrict quicker. The second is when fuel flow is restricted by a plugging filter it causes the fuel pump to over work and causes premature failure. The cost of a fuel pump is about $1000.00. Regular maintenance is always the cheaper voice. If we can help you please call 313-562-7022 or schedule an appointment on line at Larry
I must be really lucky or Virginia gas is different.....Just turned 300K a few days ago on my wifes '95 Camry and I've done several T-belts , a few sets of plugs and some oil changes (45-50) , but I never even thought about the fuel filter.........still get 35-40MPG highway........damn , you make me feel real lucky!