witch wheel sensor code is b1155? i just had both wheel bearings done ? on 2005 Ford Explorer

the abs lioght is on and advtrac light and 4x4 light flashes

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There is a C1155, left front sensor. Disconnect each front sensor across the connection you should have continuity sensor side of harness, jack up the car spin the wheel you should have a small a/c voltage generated.
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Antilock brake light is on, C1155 comes back every time. In stationary pinpoint tests do not reveal concern, all tests pass.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Check affected wheel for bearing looseness, this particular wheel bearing was very loose, so check wheel speed signal in stall showed no fault, however when going over bumps and turns with loose wheel bearing, signal was erratic causing code. Bottom line, if wheel bearing is loose, replace entire assembly before further diagnosis.