Nissan Maxima Problem Report

Nissan Maxima Various Electrical Issues Due to Damaged Engne Wire Harness

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One or more wires in the engine wiring harness may break at the harness bend near the right strut tower. Symptoms include: Check Engine Light illumination, rough idle, drivability problems, and/or an inoperative air conditioner. Any broken wires will need to be repaired.

engine shutters at highway speed. Almost all lights on the dash light up. -
Wont always start first time and had a couple of trouble codes created by broken wires. Also had a speed sensor go bad as well. -
replaced battery and alternator and the car is still not charging.. it popped the fuseable link and replaced and keeps blowing the fuse dont know what else to do ... need help -
Car will not turn over, audible single solenoid fire when trying to start. Battery is fully charged. What is the recommended fix, other than a replacement component? Dealership could not provide help. -
I bought my Maxima in 2012 with only 38,000 miles. Was in great condition and garage kept. Since I have had it, I have had to replace 4 engine coils. I have replaced #1, #4 and #6(twice as of today). I was just made aware of a bulletin from Nissan stating that an engine wire harness failure had been causing similar problems. Wonder if they will reimburse for the coils I have paid for. -
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