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1995 Chevrolet 3500 Pickup Question: Wiring diagram

Ive got two wires under the manifold that burned. I need to know where they tie in. I've done everything short of pulling the intake to try find the other end. I don't have much to go on except thje truck will not run and the wires made my tach and speedometer jump eratically the popped a fuse. Then caught on fire diesel spill helped that.anyway The truck has a new pump and fuel pumps and relays now. Been chasing this ghst sometime now. Would intermittantly die and maay or may noy start. I'm hoping that the wire short has been the prob. all along -
Answer 1
You might find a diagram at either of these links. http://bit.ly/autozone_repair_info. Here are two sources for you: For AllData: http://bit.ly/AllData_Repair_Manuals_Online Here's the one for Mitchell as well: http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online -
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