Wire harness short-circut. on 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse

My car has a short-circut main wireharness, it was touching metal and melted and I was wondering how much that would cost and what other problems can that cause?

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As Bret said hard to quote with out seeing the extent of the damage and if wiring was modified for stereo, alarm, additional lighting ect...
Fuses and fuse links should have protected most circuits. A new wiring harness is the most favorable option. If that is financially not viable perhaps a trip to a wrecking yard or looking on line for a wrecking yard that specialize in Mitsubishi you may be able to get a wiring harness from a car of the same year and equipment level to your car and splice in the needed harness using solder and "heat shrink" to properly restore the wiring.
Melted to what extent? This is one of those times it is totally worth having a diagnostic/pull codes just because you want to fix it right first time. Even though fused-links should well protected most everything, your ECU is like the processor/go-between for just about everything and this engine has 4 grounding points actually, so checking all them would be prudent as well. Now, if you meant fried/melted--major harnesses, the junkyard will be good to you and some of the major online places like or clear away from JCWhitney...IMO
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This a tough job to estimate with out seeing the car. Sometimes the harness can be repaired, sometimes it needs to be replaced. Damage may be limited to the harness only, or components connected to the harness can be affected.