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Toyota Camry Wire harness in trunk.

Toyota Camry Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1996, 1999

Average Mileage: 191,113 mi (134,000 mi - 262,000 mi)

  • t-kay, , 262,000 mi

    I have read that others have had this same problem, what I have read about was the fix. This cable has about 4 wires in it and it comes down from the trunk lid attached to the hinge on the drivers side of the car. I can't tell what it was cut from. It looks like it wass sheared off but I can't find the other end. There is a possibility that it got pulled from a connecter near by but I don't know what wires or what side to re-attach it to. What isn't working as a result is the backup lights and the lights on the dash that indicate what gear you are presently in. Does your web site just report the problems or do you give the details on how to fix it as well?

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  •  Rookie

    wiring harness cut; spliced together; back up lights now work but parking lights won't come on in front or back

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  • Visitor, , 134,000 mi

    Light indicator on dash and rear back up lights not working

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  • Visitor, , 177,340 mi

    The rear light warning icon on dash showed up after I bought a 50 lb bag of seed that was 'dumped' into my trunk. That must have pulled the weak wiring apart. Upon inspection, the wiring harness at the left trunk hinge looked like it was wrapped with plain thin black electrical tape (original factory assembly?). Took it to dealership repair shop & a technician soldered the wires and wrapped it with heavier weight tape (~$250.00!). Two months later, warning light came on again. I replaced one left brake light. Another 2 months, a right brake light burned out, which I'll replace.

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