wipers work on full speed only,sunroof & elect windows inop on 1990 BMW 735i

in our college workshop we have a 1990 bmw 735i(the all singing all dancing fly by wire type)the wipers will only work on full speed and the sunroof and all 4 electric windows are inop, i have carried out checks on the earth points although i have yet to find the g200 one on the left of the steering column.can any kind soul assist me as i have volunteered to help out a colleage to prevent an otherwise nice car going to the scrapyard.

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Hi there. The solution to the problem is simple. Remove the rear seat and in the fuse and relay block located on the left hand side is 2 relays (the general module and power module) Remove these two modules and re-insert them. If the problem hasn't been solved, replace the general module ( the module with the white and black plugs underneath them)
thanks will try
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Any progress on this? Did you have it checked out?
sadly no, we cannot get access to a sufficiently accurate wiring diagram so that we can follow the power flow & carry out continuity tests
dude donwload the maunual ..and type haynes bmw and download it for free instead of buying it ...