Wipers work No fluid comes out on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

My wipers work but no fluid comes out. I don't know where the fuse is located for this and the book that came with the car is generic I have a 2005 Chrysler GTC 6 cylinder Automatic Conv.

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Here is a link for the convertible owners manual:
if the wipers work chances are it is not a fuse. it most likely is the washer pump. With the car on but not running can you hear the pump if you try the washer? Is there power getting to the pump? The pump should be in or at the washer tank, use a test light or voltmeter to see if there is power. If there is then you know the pump is not working. If there isn't then you need to check the switch itself.
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Thank you for all your help, I tried what you said and you are correct. the pump needs to be replaced. Again, Thank you