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1995 Toyota Tacoma Question: Wipers won't turn off and windshield fluid won't pump

The other day my wipers suddenly came on while driving and wouldn't turn off until I pulled fuse out. I also noticed that the windshield fluid is not pumping. so is the problem the pump or wiper motor and how do I figure it out. I have close to 300K on this truck and love it. It has been the best truck. -
Answer 1
They are both powered by the same fuse; Possible wiper motor, it is powered through the blue wire at the wiper motor connector from the wiper switch. -
Comment 1
Even with the fuse in, the windshield is not pumping. So would that be the pump or motor? thank you -
Comment 2
Either the pump, switch, or clogged tubing, clogged nozzles, or broken/loose water supply tubing. Could be a bad connection at the pump motor. -
Comment 3
Will check it out. thanks -
Comment 4
I have seen the connectors get dirty and not make a good connection causing the pump not to engage. Good luck and let me know. -