wipers will not park in down position, they stop at 45 degrees on 2003 Kia Sorento

I repaired a broken transmission link for wipers, since replacement the wipers park in the up position. when stopped and in up position I removed wiper arms and reset them to down position but they still won't park down

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Take the wiper arms OFF, then turn the ignition on and operate the wiper motor on reg. speed (not delay/intermittent) Then turn wiper SWITCH off , before turning key off. Re-install wiper arms securely at 'off' position windshield may have small marks indicating proper level. Try that and post results.
Nice try but same results.
IF they park at the same spot every time , then linkage is probably wrong or incorrectly installed? How bad is it to pull the assembly out again for inspection? With the assembly out of the vehicle check to make sure link on motor is pointed correctly when parked. Probably not.
assembly is very accessible, and that is what I am planning to do next. They did work correctly for awhile after replacing the broken linkage, if they didn't I would have suspected incorrect assembly at that time.
Re- check and see if something changed , . Good luck.
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Is the linkage bent as well, something is positioned wrong, unless the motor is bad as well.
no bent linkage, I tried to re-adjust wiper arms by removing both arms when parked in up position and without touching the driving mechanism, re-positioning them in the down position, when activating wiper switch it tried to drive them even farther down now. Is there anything in the wiper mechanism that monitors wiper arm position?
They all have a park position but when they mess up, I just replace them and be done with it.