Honda Accord Problem Report

Honda Accord Wiper span is too far

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The wipers have recently been making too wide of a sweep, resulting in a banging against the lower panel just below the windshield. The top end of the sweep is just about right. The over-wide sweep and banging occur pretty consistently now. I have not tackled the problem yet. -
The problem seems to be instigated by the speed-sensitive wipers. Such an unnecessary feature--they go faster as you accelerate. It was resolved by replacing the windshield wiper linkage because there's a part of the linkage that gets worn out and allows excessive play in the wipers. I ordered the parts online and did it myself. I suspect it will eventually need to be done again if I keep the car long enough. -
my 2000 accord ex had the same problem. my husband put in a new CONTROL ARM for 36 bucks and it fixed the problem. -
Windshield wiper was sweeping to far in both directions. A bushing had to be repaired. -
Exact Same Problem. Started A few Months Ago. No Solution known. -
I haven't been able to figure out how to repair this issue. -
Wiper span too far -
Wiper bushings replaced -
Same issue, however it noticed it occured after the front windshield was replaced. -
Wipers travel too far. -
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