wiper problem on 2001 Honda CR-V

Have 2001 crv---intermittent wiper function does not work.. Got a used one--now on ALL functions the wipers park at 1/3 the way up the windshield. Both motor & wipers were in park position when removed. Is it a relay or another part, or the motor still no good?

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Try this in THIS order!! Turn key on and wipers on, now turn wipers off and let them stop, then turn key off. Loosen the nuts on both wiper ARMS at the base, adjust them to the parked position. Tighten both nuts back up. Now check wiper operation, post results so we know if it's ok! (Or not)
Sorry--I can't--I worked on a friend's car--don't have it.
I feel sorry for that friend of yours! YOU are the one that posted the question, so there is the answer!! What ever you do with it is up to you. Tell the friend! Or not. IDGAS!
You should have fixed it right to start with!