wiper motor on 2002 Ford Taurus

my wipers stopped working and I know it isn't blown fuse and so I was told it must be the wiper motor. What is the best course of action?

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The wiper motor circuit is protected by a 30 Amp fuse in the fuse box, if the fuse is good has voltage with the ignition key on locate the wiper motor. It has 5 wire going to it. Check the White/Black wire it should have 12 volts, the black wire should be ground, Dark Green is switched power to park the wipers via the wiper park relay. The white wire is switched power to operate the wipers in low speed mode, the dark blue/orange wire is switched power to operate the wipers in high speed mode.
The problem could also be in the switch (it supplies varying resistance depending on what position you select) or wiper control module.
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1st. Inspect for a Blown Fuse. √
2nd. Inspect Wiper Motor.
3rd. Inspect the Windshield Wiper Switch.