Wiper motor on 1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette

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The windshield wiper motor has an intermittent problem. I can have the wipers on and they will stop working. I use to be able to tap the motor and get the wipers to start working again but that has stopped working. If I park the car overnight with the wipers not working, the next morning the wipers will work. I have checked the switch for the wipers and that does not seem to be the problem. At first I thougth it was the motor having a bad spot or brush in it, but now I am not to sure. Could it be a short some were in the line. Where is the Circuite Board for the wiper motor?
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Your fault may be with the wiper motor or the motor circuit board. Next time the wipers stop, try pushing and pulling on the plug at the wiper motor while it is connected. If the wipers start working I would supsect a faulty circuit board.
Oh yeah, the "circuit board" which just has a bad soldier joint on one circuit. But the dealer may argue that this doesn't qualify for the Safety Recall that some GM models of this vintage got.....even tho the problem is EXACTLY the same as the Mexican made units recalled. Sorry but this REALLY hacks me off when I discover my vehicle has the same exact problem recalled on other vehicles with the SAME DAMN unit!!!! Thank you GM (not that they are the only ones that get away with this).

You can always tell when you are dealing with something that SHOULD have been recalled more widely....just pay attention to the behavoir of the guy/gal at the auto parts desk. If they know the part number by heart for example.
The final word regarding recalls is the Federal Government, not the Manufactures.