Wiper Intermittent Operation on 2003 BMW Z4

Occassionally in heavy rain the wipers will stop working. If we turn off the engine and wait a few minutes and restart the engine the wipers will operate normally for a period of time (varies) and stop again

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Probably your wiper motor is beginning to fail and when it heats up it quits working and when it cools it will start again.
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I had the same problem and was told it was the wiper motor and that it was common, cost to repair >£400.00. I surfed the forums and found that there was another reason, grease contamination in the motor, took me from start to finish 1 hour to rectify and never had any issue since. it is an easy job to remove the motor.
Was this a long term fix or did u start experiencing the problem again? I am female so do not have
mechanical knowledge and will have to rely on repair shop for the right answers. I will tell them of
this if it has been a long term fix if not I will have to go with their recommendations. And normally its
always the most expensive. :-) My car is now turning into a money pit. Let me know your thoughts. Thx