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1997 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Windshield wipers stop working after a couple of rotations

I have a Jetta with 140k miles. The wipers go out after just 1 or 2 rotations. Do you think it's the motor or something like a wiper control module? Obviously, this must be repaired but I am reluctant to have a costly repair for a car with this many miles, especially if the module is less costly to replace. My fear is that I will be told it is the motor when in reality it is something small and inexpensive. I know it is NOT the fuse as i have already changed them. Any guidance would be much appreciated. -
Answer 1
I have an '03 and have had a lot of problems with the wiper control relay. The dealer replaced this with another module and it worked for a while and then started working intermittently again. I ended up replacing this with a non-intermittant capable module and it hasn't had any issues since. -