Windshield wipers seem to seized. on 1994 Ford Explorer

My oldest son bought a 94 ford explorer 4x4 four door. Normally I would simply say replace the wiper motor because it's burnt out. However when I got out there and went to look for myself I found that each time the wipers were turned on you would hear a clicking sound from under the passenger side dash. Any help would be great this is a new one to me and I don't want to have him buying all these parts he can't afford and doesn't need

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If not equipped to do so, suggest getting some hands on help for testing. Your skill level and tool box ammo.?
Really ?
Yes really, most of the time we are not answering a question ask by a technician! Just stating the bare facts. It is simple to a mechanic but to a novice it's a different story. An easy test for this vehicle in question would be just to disconnect the wiper trans. to see if the motor will run and park correctly but that may be more than this person can do, thus my reply! I do not know the skill level or what kind of tools the person has!
Common sence answers that!
Very few people have that this day in time, unfortunately.
Sorry this is not the forum for this, but if you are not sure how to accomplish a job you would ask/or research for that help. Sorry I'm new here, but have been doing repairs and dealing with customers for over 30 years, Master Tech for 15 years.
I agree, or get some hands on help for that job, been doing it for 40+ years myself. But that is not important, so lets just try to be of some help and let it go at that!
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IF you can expose the wiper motor, transmission, and linkage, check the passenger side trans and/or linkage to see why it's binding. Should be easy fix once you look at it.
Thank you, that seemed exactly like I figured it seems to start moving then it pops back down to the rest position thanks again
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