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2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Question: Windshield Wipers Not Working

My 2001 chevy cavalier windsheild wipers stop working completely. I have already purchased a new windshield wiper motor and switch. The problem still exists. I don't have a blown fuse. What could it be? -
Answer 1
I have the same problem... i don't know what to do anymore.. did you solve the problem? please let me know please.. Polungata@yahoo.com thank you -
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Hi, My windshield wipers stop working from time to time.Anyone know if the problem is the switch or motor? thxs
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wipers wont work no probem before DeanSmith955@gmail.com
it was because the windshield wipers stopped working. If I bring in the part myself can you fix it? The part is AC Delco 19120840. thanks, Linda Martin