Windshield wiper problem. on 1994 Mercury Tracer

The windshield wipers only work on high speed and do not go into the park position when turned off. They do not work with the delay option. What do I need to replace or repair? Thanks

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You have to verify that the switch and motor are ok. I'm working off a schematic for a 1996, but the wire colors should be the same. In low, power is fed to the low speed winding of the wiper motor through a Blue and white wire. To test this, turn the ignition on, then the wipers to low and use a test light or voltmeter and check for voltage at the blue and white wire at he wiper motor. if power is there then the motor has an open circuit in the low speed windings. If power is not there you have a switch or wiring issue. When you select high the power is fed to the wiper motor over the red wire. The solid blue wire should have power to it when the key is on. The black wires at the motor are the grounds and the blue violet wire is part of the park circuit. With the wiper motor running the blue violet wire should change states from power to ground, if that does not happen then the internal switch inside the wiper motor has a problem. You have to check the wires as I have mentioned above and if you do not know how to do this I suggest finding a shop to do this because, these parts are costly and you need to make sure the wiring is ok before changing components. Good luck.
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the windshield wipers will not lay down when wipers are shut off the stay halfway up.
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