2002 GMC Envoy Q&A

2002 GMC Envoy Question: windshield wiper problem

Windshield wipers work properly in low and high speed. However, when on intermittent, wipers stutter when going back to the rest position. I have changed wiper blades but the problem persists! Hoping you can help. Ed Bariana, Haddon Hts., NJ -
Answer 1
might need a wiper motor or could have loose bolts or somthing with the wiper arms broken by motor -
Answer 2
I had the same problem except that the intermittent would work properly occasionally. I disconnected the motor connector plug and inspected the motor pins. A corrosion had built up (a chalky appearance) on the pins. I cleaned the pins using a burnishing card and the wiper intermittent is now working properly. -
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