2003 GMC Yukon Q&A

2003 GMC Yukon Question: Windshield wiper motor 2003 Yukon

How do I remove/replace the windshield wiper motor on the 2003 Yukon? -
Answer 1
First you have to take off the wipers arms. then remove the two end caps for the center air inlet grille and then the center grille. Remove the 4 bolts that hold the wiper transmission and a support brackett and remove the tranmission/motor assembly. You then have to seperate the drive link arm from the transmission and remove 2 more bolts holding the motor to the transmission. You should have a special tool to seperate the drive link but it can be done without one if your careful. Hope this helps -
Answer 2
Do not buy American. GMC should recall this wipers issue because are many, but since no one is getting kill because of the wipers, they dont care. I own a 2003 yukon xl w/ 32k and is trash. GMC want to sell vehicles like candy and this what they are "candy" -