Windshield Wiper Fluid (2006 Dodge Ram) on 2003 Dodge Ram Van 1500

My windshield wiper fluid froze. I took the reservior off and thawed everything. I then blew air into the lines and cleared them. Now, my wipers work, but I am not getting any fluid. I tried a new pump, but that did not solve the problem. Any suggestions?

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You need a wiper fluid that has much more glycol, like anti-freeze has. Does your pump make noise when you hit the button?
I've changed my fluid and the pump does not make any noise, it is almost like there is no power to it.
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Is there a fuse for the wiper washer pump? I would check the fuses to be sure. Also double check to be sure the connections are secure.

Do you have a test light or multimeter? You can have a helper push the washer button inside (with the key on/engine off I'm guessing) and you can check for voltage at the washer pump connector
There is no fuse. There is no voltage at the washer pump connector, I already tested that.