Windshield washer pump on 2002 Ford Explorer

Please tell me where the windshield washer pump is located on a 2002 Ford Explorer. IS is easy to change

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Should be integral to the washer reservoir.

What is the problem you are having? I can't remember ever having to replace a washer pump on one of these vehicles.
The problem were havings is the fluid isn't coming out. Checked hoses they seem to be clear. Any advice
The mutli function switch is a possible cause of failure. Do you hear the pump come on at all? When you push the washers with the wipers set to OFF, do they cycle as if to wash the windshield (without the fluid of course)?
Yes we hear the pump. And yes they do cycle just no liquid is coming out. Please advise, and thanks for your help so far
OK, if you hear the pump and the wipers cycle, you ruled out the switch. You almost certainly have a disconnected line. Check ALL the unions and junctions from the washer reservoir up to the washer jets. The pump is very simple and if you hear it working, it typically is.
Thank you will see what we can find.