Saturn Vue Problem Report

Saturn Vue Windshield fluid dispensers for front window

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I had to have both my washer dealies replaced, of course I did this my self because they wanted to charge me up the whazoo!! I have no knowledge of cars or anything, but I got them replaced. -
worked fine before winter, now doesn't work at all -
Water does not spray high enough on front windshield. So it can't clean the glass. -
I have had an ongoing issue with these fluid dispensers coming out. I have had to replace them four times. Once on the drivers side and three times on the passengers side. I now have three in stock just because..... I never know when it is going to fail me again. They are cheap and do not spray properly. I would think GM would use a better quality part for this, but I guess they had to 'downsize' just like everyone else, but they sure didn't downsize the purchase price of the vehicle!!!!! I sometimes wonder if General Motors didn't change their name to 'General Value' Motors!!!!! -
Windshield washer fluid hardly comes up enough for rhe blades to reach and clean the windshield -
both nozzles quit working -
These are real cheap and shame on them for even thinking saving a few pennys was worth the hassle. Cheap nozzles made of nylon are pressed in and cause bad spray or come out completely. GET REPLACED IF UNDER WARRENTY!! I have 3 times and need to again. This will be an ongoing problem. -
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