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2010 Toyota Corolla Question: Windshield

I just got this in August and I had to take it back to have the oil pan, etc. redone as it was leaking oil ...ok now. But, now I see where on the left and right side of the outside of the windshield...the black rubber seal is coming undone...on both sides. I am calling the place where I bought it tomorrow. Also, it almost seems as if I hear a little clunking noise when I use the brakes? Anyone else have any of these type nuisances? -
Answer 1
The seal may be a genuine Toyota part but if the windscreen by chance has been replaced with an "after market windscreen" they may have use a universal windscreen rubber trim. You may have to consult one of the quick fit windscreen shops if the repair shop do not recognize the window seal. Unlikely your car is too new. The clunk or noise when you apply the brakes may be suspension mount or shock related. Engine mount related or brake caliper hardware related. The Corolla is generally a great economical and reliable car. Nothing common as a problem. We work on a lot of them that have taken a lot of abuse. -
Answer 2
look at paper work(lemon law) -
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