2006 Ford Freestar Q&A

2006 Ford Freestar Question: Windsheild wiper motor.

How do I access wiper motor? -
Answer 1
To Access wiper motor following steps need to be performed. 1. Remove windshield wiper arms. 2. Remove the pushpin-Type retainers and the cowl panel grille. 3. Remove the washer hose grommet from the cowl panel and position aside the washer hose. 4. If equipped, remove the A/C air inlet filter. 5. Remove the 9 cowl panel bolts and position aside the cowl panel. 6. Disconnect the windshield wiper motor electrical connector. 7 Remove the cowl panel from vehicle. 8. Remove the 4 bolts and the windshield wiper motor. Special tools may be required to perform repairs. -
Answer 2
were is the wiper motor on a 99 ford ranger -