Windows Won't Roll Up on 2007 Honda Civic

My civic had a problem in the past with the driver side window not rolling all the way up on the automatic setting. It would get almost all the way closed, and then go back down. Also, a few days ago ALL of the windows won't work now, only the driver side works. Anyone else have this problem? I think it's a little rediculous that a 2007 would have problems like this!

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Our 2007 Civic had a problem with the passenger side window not working properly,2009. cost to repair: over $300.00.
Now the drivers side does not work.
Local dealer gave estimate of over $400.00!
Needs new switch and motor.
These windows have not been over-used.
I agree, a 3yr old car should not have these problems
My wife had a 1976 GM Monte Carlo with power windows, when we finally sold the car after 15 years,the windows still worked and we never had a problem.
Time to go back to GM products?