Windows on driver side does not work on 2003 BMW X5

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The window is stuck in the down position. The motor can be heard making noise.. is the window out of track and can you tell me how to remove the door panel. To get to the window or is there a different problem.
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the window regulator needs to be changed. cost about $200 for parts. Remember to buy two clips about $1.00 ach. Labor vaires from $100.00 to $500.00 at BMW
Sounds like the window regulator is bad. If you want to remove the panel, try getting a repair manual (these are good for BMW You may need to replace the regulator, so try looking down into the door from the top adn see if you can see where it is broken. You may need to take this to a shop, or get teh manual and a new regulator and do it yourself.