Windows, locks, tail lights and now heater are not working. All one problem? on 1997 Buick Park Avenue

Tail lights, gas gauge, windows and locks were not working when I got it. Now the heater has stopped working as well as the car just stalls every once in awhile when driving. Is this possibly due to one electronic component or a combination of various things. I have had it to the shop for the tail lights, but they are still not right because if you turn on the high beams the tail lights go off! All I see is a HUGE bill behind all of this and not just one easy fix...

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It's probably not your alternator, But these issues involve different circuits, so it needs some electrical diagnostics, and I see you have tried someplace, and I understand your concern. Hopefully you can find someone else that can help you. Over the internet we can talk about what might be wrong, but it really needs to be checked, hands on.
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Yes u probably have a bad alternator ,
You have to check volt output ,should be 14.0 volts at battery ..
And start from there...