Windows do not work on 1997 Toyota Camry

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Suddendly none of my windows will go up or down. First time since I have owned the car.
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The most common problem is with the wiring at the driver's door jam. Here is a quick way to check:

1. Monitor the solid Blue wire at the driver's window master switch for 12v.

2. Check for 12 volts on both sides of the 30A power fuse.

3. Locate the power main relay on the back side of the dash fuse box. With the key on, remove and install the relay, check to see if it clicks. Check for two power terminals to be present key on. Supply battery voltage to the blue wire at the driver's window switch. Check to see if a third power terminal shows up at the main relay.

4. Check for shorted wires in the door jam if the 30 amp fuse is blown.

Good Luck!
I have replaced the motor and regulator, so now how do I reprogram the window lift?